Structural Mechanics and Materials Laboratory

List of the Experiments

1Tension Test of Mild Steel Specimen
2Compression Test of Timber Specimen
3Direct Shear Test of Metal Specimens
4Test of Helical Spring
5Buckling Test of Slender Columns
6Static Bending Test of Beam
7Impact Test of Metal Specimen
8Torsion Test of Steel Section
9Hardness Test of Metal Specimen

Universal Testing Machine

Capacity: 1200 KN

Johnson Shear Tool

Spring Testing Machine

Buckling Test Apparatus

Flexural Testing Machine

Flexural Testing Apparatus

Impact Testing Machine

Digital Torsion Tester

Hardness Tester

Bar Bending Apparatus


Schimdt Hammer

Rod Cutting Machine

Magnetic Base Holder and Dial Indicators


High Accuracy Metric Dial Indicator

Vernier Caliper


First Aid Box

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