Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Name of the Experiment

1Field Identification of Soil
2Grain Size Analysis by Sieves
3Grain Size Analysis by Hydrometer
4Determination of Specific Gravity of Soil
5Determination of Moisture Content and Atterberg Limits
6Standard Proctor Compaction Test
7Determination of Relative Density of Sand
8Unconfined Compression Test
9Direct Shear Test
10Consolidation Test
11Permeability tests

Automatic Direct Shear Testing Machine

Consolidation Testing Apparatus

Unconfined Compression Testing Machine

Permeability Test Apparatus

Sand Cone Apparatus

Automatic Sieve Shaker



Graduated Jar


Automatic Electric Heater

Casagrande Apparatus

Ejector (Unconfined Compression Test)

Standard Proctor Compaction Mould

Ejector (Compaction Test)

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