List of the Experiments

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory:

1Centre of Pressure
2Proof of Bernoulli’s Theorem
3Flow Through Venturimeter
4Flow Through Orifice
5Coefficient of Velocity by Coordinate Method
6Flow Through Mouthpiece
7Flow Over V-Notch
8Flow Over Sharp-Crested Weir
9Fluid Friction in Pipe

Open channel Flow Laboratory:

1Broad-Crested Weir
2Sluice Gate
3Venturi Flume
4Parshall Flume
5Cutthroat Flume
6Hydraulic Jump
7Velocity Distribution Profile
8Manning’s Roughness Coefficient
9Specific Force and Specific Energy

Tilting Flume

(270 x 320 x 6100 mm)

Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus

Pipe Friction Apparatus

Venture Meter

Bernoulli’s Theorem apparatus

Mouth piece Apparatus

Orifice Apparatus

Impact Jet Apparatus

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