CCTR: Los Angeles Abrasion Test on Stone Chips Materials Performed on June 5, 2021


Engineering Materials Laboratory,

Center for Consultation, Testing and Research (CCTR)

Department of Civil Engineering, UIU

  Department of Civil Engineering, UIU has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. This department has established the Center for Consultation, Testing and Research (CCTR)  for a wide range of testing and analysis services by using its own laboratories equipped with highly sophisticated equipment. Testing of construction materials of various projects of United Group is conducted on regular basis under the direct supervision of departmental faculty members through CRTC. As a part of it, Los Angeles Abrasion Test on stone chips materials was performed on June 5, 2021.  Details of the experiment are presented in the following: Laboratory Name: Engineering Materials Laboratory Experiment Name: Los Angeles Abrasion Test (LA Test) Experiment Date: 05/06/2021 Sample: Stone Chips (Origin: Vietnam) Test Standard: ASTM C131   Los Angeles Abrasion Test is most commonly used for testing the resistance of aggregate samples against degradation, abrasion and impact. This test helps to examine the relative quality or competence of aggregate samples which are primarily used in road construction for heavy-duty vehicles. The lesser the abrasion loss obtained from LA test, the greater the resistance of the aggregate against abrasion.Some images of the LA test are shared in the following.
Fig. 1: Aggregate Samples Fig. 2: Measurement of Sample Weight
Fig. 3: Operation of Los Angeles Testing Machine Fig. 4: Sieving through 1.7 mm sieve after LA test

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